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120 Access Students Participate in the “Our Rivers, Our World” Learning Circle on iEARN

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The work within the iEARN online community is a very important part of the Access Moldova curriculum. It is a wonderful tool that joins the two foremost components of Access education- English and community service. While working on their projects as part of iEARN the students collaborate with educators and learners from different parts of the world, exchanging ideas and learning about the traditions these nations have and issues they face, getting inspired from their means of fighting their problems.

The problem of pollution is one of the main struggles in Moldova nowadays, given that because of the lack of resources, the authorities cannot address the problem thoroughly. Thus, the rivers from Moldova are in a deplorable state, the water being dirty and the river banks not being taken care of.

This way, the Access students from Soroca, Balti, Ungheni, Anenii Noi, Taraclia and Vulcanesti took action and implemented projects for improving the state of the rivers from their communities and for raising awareness among the citizens of their towns and cities.

As follows, the Access participants from Soroca organized a conference entitled “No Water. No Life. No Green. No Blue” which consisted of several actions. Given that one of the main reasons why the rivers in Moldova are polluted is human indifference and irresponsibility, garbage being thrown all over the streets, waters, forests of Moldova, the students decided to organize interactive educational activities for children in order to make them realize that the condition of our environment depends on us, on people. In addition to that, they organized school expositions and a flash-mob in order to raise awareness among other citizens regarding the state of the biggest river in Moldova- the Nistru.

The students from Ungheni, on the other hand, organized a cleaning action in order to collect the garbage irresponsible people left around the Delia River from their town. They also invited some friends and relatives for helping them implement their idea, and the result was amazing. After collecting the garbage, the beauty of the place hidden behind it came on the surface and the students spent some moments admiring the place and reflecting on their impact.

A similar action was organized by the students from Vulcanesti and Balti who cleaned the area surrounding the Cahul and Raut Rivers respectively.

The Access Taraclia’s key strategy was collaboration. They decided to employ the help of other people who live in their town in order to have a greater impact. They asked the local authorities for help and with their support they managed to organize a very big event. After spreading leaflets all over the town, inviting people to join their action, they succeeded to convince 150 youth to act. Thus, all together they needed just 2 hours to clean the river from one side of the town to the other. Just two hours for making your town more beautiful is the least you can do.

Moreover, the students from Anenii Noi focused on helping the Bic River from their town, planting around 60 willows on its banks. Hopefully, in a couple of years they will be able to spend beautiful moments under the shadows of the trees they so tirelessly planted.

All and all, the work in this learning circle was extremely productive. It helped the 120 Access students who got involved to start believing in themselves, and in the fact that they can have a great impact on their communities. Only by acting you can bring the change!

Learning Circle: Our Rivers, Our World: Middle and High School. Partnership with educators from United States, Iran, Slovenia, and Ukraine.

Teacher: Nadejda Ceban 

Access Taraclia
Taraclia, Moldova
Topic – Protecting Our Rivers
Level – High School 
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Teacher: Liliana Schiopu
Access Ungheni
Ungheni, Moldova
Topic – Make Every Day Earth Day
Level – High School 
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Teacher: Alina Preasca
Access Anenii Noi 
Anenii Noi, Moldova
Topic – Planting Trees Along the River Bic
Level – High School 
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Teacher: Daria Tiuliu
Access Vulcanesti
Vulcanesti, Moldova
Topic – Our Rivers, Our World: The River Cahul
Level – High School 
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Teachers: Ecaterina Betivu
Access Soroca

Soroca, Moldova
Topic – No Water. No Life. No Green. No Blue
Level – High School 
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Teacher: Cristina Snatinschi
Access Balti

Balti, Moldova
Topic – Dr. Clown and Our Rivers, Our World-Lets Keep Our Rivers Clean!
Level – High School 
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